2018国际农业与食品科学学术会议 (ICAFS2018)

ICAFS2018 2018年10月28-30日 土耳其·伊斯坦布尔




  会议包括大会特邀报告、口头报告和墙报(张贴报告)等形式交流。无论是口头报告还是墙报展示,均属大会同等学术交流,大会将颁发参会交流证书。如意向做口头报告,请在参会回执中注明 “口头报告”或“墙报”的字样。会议将统一安排墙报的参观时间,作者自行喷绘打印后(A0尺寸,90cmX110cm)于报到当日(10月28日)提交,根据大会安排,在规定的时间到会自行张贴,会务会为您提供必要的工具(胶带、图钉等)。


Prof. A. M. Abd El-Aty
Department of Medical Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Atatürk University, Erzurum, Turkey
& Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt
Research Interests: Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics; Area of Pharmacodynamic/Pharmacokinetics interaction (PD/PK); Disposition kinetics and Biotransformation (in vitro and in vivo) studies of drugs; Xenobiotic residue analysis in food commodities and animal products; Natural Products
Presentation Title: “Quechers” Approach for Traditional/Conventional Detectors in Pesticide Residue Analysis

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sonya K. Huffman
Department of Economics, Iowa State University, USA
Research Interests: Transition Economies, Health Economics, Labor and Human Resources Economics, Development, Consumption and Demand Analysis, Applied Welfare Economics/Public Policy
Presentation Title: Agricultural Mechanization and BMI for Rural Workers: A Field Experiment in China
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed NASR-ALLAH
Aquaculture Scientist at WorldFish Center, Egypt
Research Interests: Aquaculture Economics, Value Chain and Market studies; Experienced in Feed formulation and freshwater fish nutrient requirements.
Presentation Title: Increasing fish farmers profitability through training on best aquaculture management practice in Egypt

Dr. Mwafaq Ibdah,
NeweYaar Research Center, Agriculture Research Organization
Research Interests: Use biochemical, molecular and genomic tools to elucidate the biosynthetic pathways that produce novel and important plant specialized metabolites in aromatic plants, to uncover the mechanisms responsible for the evolution of these pathways in the plant kingdom and to understand the function of a given natural product in the biology and physiology of a given plant species.
Presentation Title: Developing of trilobatin dihydrochalcone as a new-style of phytochemical agent

Prof. Zafar Iqbal
Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha,  Pakistan
Research Interests: Mycology, Postharvest Pathology, Integrated Plant Disease Management, Electron Microscopy
Presentation Title: Eco-friendly management of Collar Rot of Peas (Phytophthora megasperma) through use of Bio Control Agents

Prof. Antonello Paparella
Full Professor of Food Microbiology at the Faculty of Agricultural Science, University of Teramo, Italy.
Research Interests: food safety, characterization of microbial ecosystems and development of new analytical methods. In particular, his studies are aimed to evaluate the impact of new technologies on food and environmental safety, as well as on the microbial ecology of foods, and the survival of pathogens.
Presentation Title: Strategies for boosting the antimicrobial activity of essential oils and other natural biopreservatives